Specializing In

  • providing quality services to potential recruits, establishing strong relationships with potential recruits and making sure that potential recruits are happy and satisfied with your recruitment efforts.Read more : http://www.ehow.com/info_8471195_personal-goals-objectives-new-recruiter.html
  • Provide the highest standard of service to employers and talent.
  • Develop long term relationships built on trust.
  • Help employers gain a competitive edge through accomplished hiring to retain the best and brightest candidates.
  • Through targeted recruitment efforts, attract only the top talent in your given industry and help build careers for the professionals we place.

Staffing & Recruiting experience from agency, tech, start-up, corporate and private entities.



Transparency.  Relating to people in a way that's authentic and true.

Aspiring for excellence. 

Trust - Respect

Reliability.  Confidence.  Confidentiality.

The Golden Rule - Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Partnership & Collaboration
Work together to accomplish shared goals.

All positions including contractors, full & part time, across experience levels - administrative, mid-senior roles, individual contributors, management to experienced leaders.

Banking                                  Management                       Tech, Engineering & IT

Finance & Accounting            Sales & Marketing                Administrative


"Pro Partner Management has helped us find the exact person to fill our open role.  After looking for what seemed like forever, Pro Partner Managemenr found the person we needed almost immediately.  Had only we known to work with Pro Partner Management at the start."